General terms and conditions website (Hereinafter referred to as the website) was created by 2DORICH2021 COMPANY LIMITED to provide information about online marketing The use of the website of the subscriber will be subject to these terms and conditions. Therefore, users should study the terms and conditions of this agreement and, or any other terms and conditions that we have informed on the website in detail before using the website. Agree to comply with all such terms and conditions If the user does not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions Please use the website to stop and use this website. Effective from 22 February 2021

1. Intellectual property

You agree and accept that all information, text, images, sounds, logos and / or any part of this website, including but not limited to copyright, trademark Service mark, trade name, database Trade secrets, patents, know-how, etc. that appear on the website are jobs that are protected by intellectual property laws which are our copyright, rights and property

You agree and acknowledge that Our website is just a website for providing information about online marketing for service users only in the event of any dispute. In law, you agree to waive any claim in litigation Whether civil or criminal, against us

2. Using the service

You agree and accept that You will use this website for personal or legal purposes under the terms. And this condition specified on this website only And will not use this website for commercial or other benefits contrary to Law and good morals of the people In addition, you agree that you will not do any of the following:

A) reproduce, reprint, modify, download, upload, post, publish or make publicly available Which the wrong job Law or morality without prior written permission from us in advance

B) violate intellectual property rights such as copyright, patent trademark Trade secrets or other intellectual property as required by law, no matter what method

C) Download, upload, post, post or do anything to seek unlawful benefits from any content or text from this website without our prior written consent. And / or set posts or make appearances Messages that cause damage to us Internet service member And / or outsiders

D) Upload, post, post, email or perform any other actions that may interfere with or interfere with the operation of the system. Computer by virus or computer program in various ways Designed to interrupt Break the limit Work of a computer system or Computer hardware or software program in the communication of our members or Internet users or third parties

E) use computer software programs to interrupt Interfere with our work or service Or computers and / or computer systems of third parties such as Use software programs of Trojan horses, viruses in the form of Time Bombs, etc.

F) take any action contrary to our announcements or policies set forth in these Terms and Conditions and / or amendments Fill in the terms and conditions that we will announce or define later. If we know that you have taken any action that is contrary to the requirements And the conditions set forth in this website We have the right to suspend the service to you without prior notice and / or may take legal action against you as we see fit

3. Customer care

If you pay to buy products / services from the website And wish to request a refund Allow you to read and follow the content specified in the Refund Policy page

4. Limitation of Liability

You agree and accept that All of the information that appears on this website, such messages are written or made by Third parties or users of some websites Which is not relevant And above our control We have no liability. Caused by the said content or message Whether it is damage, litigation, claim or violation of any matter whether In civil or criminal computer crimes or any liability In law, which affects equipment Computer, property, rights or any property related to you or a third party Whether by contractual obligations violating criminal liability Or otherwise This exclusion of our liability shall include errors arising from the provision of services, information and / or articles, data transmission or any of our actions, our business partners. Shared service providers or other internet users

5. Waiver of rights in the content on the website

Text, drawings or other information On some websites, collecting information from various sources Came to be the information, knowledge and benefits to the users of the service, which we have always used to make every effort to collect accurate and up-to-date information. We do not guarantee the reliability, accuracy and update of such information. You agree and accept that We do not have the authority to control and control all information on this website

6. Additional amendments

We reserve the right to amend, change, add to any terms and conditions. Specified on this website Without prior notice

7. Applicable law

If there is any dispute Caused by our service Due to this website, you and we agree to use Thai laws for To settle disputes using your services on this website Constitutes an agreement and accepts the terms and conditions of this website and Your use of the service after further amendments The terms and conditions of our website in the future will be considered that you agree to the terms and conditions of our website that have been modified accordingly

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